Unlimited Space Agency

As well as touring our HQ The Space Shed and releasing interviews with super cool space and science people through our podcast Live From The Space Shed, Unlimited Space Agency are also responsible for The Astro Science Challenge app, our dedicated astronaut training programme. This is a a space science adventure for 7-11 year olds, which covers Key Stage 2 curriculum in English, Science and Maths. Each of the six Missions have been designed in collaboration with some of the UK’s most brilliant space science organisations.

Running now: The Astro Science Challenge: LIVE!

We’re currently launching The Astro Science Challenge Missions in real time with over 3,000 Cadets and their Team Leaders. We’re releasing a Mission Briefing each week, along with top tips and guidance through our dedicated mailing list. We’re also streaming twice-weekly live broadcasts from UNSA’s HQ The Space Shed on our YouTube Channel where Jon Spooner, Director of Human Spaceflight, and Mini Jon answer questions, showcase outstanding Cadet work and interview industry experts and special guests. Guests announced so far include astronomer Liz Avery from the Royal Observatory Greenwich and European Space Agency astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti!

For updates and to find out how to join the Challenge, visit our microsite.