The Space Shed (2017-2023)

The Space Shed was the Unlimited Space Agency‘s spectacular mobile HQ and 2019 ‘Unique’ Shed of the Year! Touring to music, science and arts festivals across the UK, The Space Shed played host to inspirational storytelling shows, mind-blowing interviews with leading scientists and banging sets by guest DJs.

In 2023 when Unlimited moved from a producing to a grant-making model, we gifted the Space Shed to the wonderful Wildworks in Cornwall who are going to evolve the Space Shed into whatever it becomes next. Like The Tardis transforming into its next incarnation with a new Doctor.



In 2010, Unlimited Core Artist J Spooner accidentally set up their own space agency. Based out of their garden shed, the Unlimited Space Agency (UNSA) started as a fun way to tell stories about science to children. UNSA’s early projects had award-winning success, people started to take UNSA seriously and in all honesty, J really liked to wear the space suit that came with the job.

J telling the story of how they hacked their way into space at Bluedot festival  (photo: Nathan Whittaker)

“A brilliantly funny, real life tale of one person’s quest to achieve the seemingly impossibly… captivated both children and adults” review at Just So Festival on

J interviewing astrophysicist and Dark Matter specialist Dr Alex Amon outside the Great North Museum: Hancock for the Great Exhibition of the North

Since 2017, J (UNSA’s Director of Human Spaceflight) worked with some of the world’s most prestigious space and science organisations and UNSA’s patron was the British astronaut Tim Peake who took J with him to space(no really he did LOOK)…British Astronaut Tim Peake floating in space inside the International Space Station with a 6cm high plastic model called Mini Jon
So what better way to take our message out into the world than building a mobile replica of UNSA Headquarters (J’s shed)!

The Space Shed is fully mobile, weather resistant and designed to be installed indoors or outdoors. We’ve made it for fields at festivals, public squares in towns or cities, galleries in museums, on stages in theatres or anywhere else you’d like to see it!

“It was amazing, brilliantly educational. It brought a tear to my eye.”
Mum with four children at Blue Dot Festival

The Space Shed

…as Stage
When The Space Shed “powers on” it awakes and comes to gorgeous, ingenious, impressive life: unfolding and opening up to create a self-contained ‘stage’ with fully integrated sound and lighting. This is the playing space that we tell our stories from – using video, sound and light designed in collaboration with our regular team of sector leading artists.

….as Sofa
As well as the show, J also hosts conversations and interviews with scientists in the Space Shed (think Graham Norton meets the Broom Cupboard. In Space). So far we’ve had chats with a huge range of super cool guests including Beth Healey (space doctor), Andy Newsam (Professor of Astrophysics), Libby Jackson (UK Space Agency Human Spaceflight and Microgravity Programme Manager Agency), Jon Butterworth (Professor of Particle Physics) and Al Worden (Apollo 15 astronaut) among many others. All of which you can listen to for for free at Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts.Interviewing Apollo 15 astronaut Al Worden at New Scientist Live

…where we also had a visit from UNSA’s patron Tim Peake

….as Disco
Once the sun goes down the Space Shed morphs once again into a late-night disco party with special guest DJ’s.

Robin Fallback DJing under the Lovell Telescope at Bluedot Festival

Dr Alice Bell of climate charity Possible DJing at Latitude Festival

Find out about all the Space Shed experiences at our dedicated microsite

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The Space Shed was an Unlimited Theatre project originally created with support from Without Walls, Lincoln Performing Arts Centre and The Civic, Barnsley

Conceived by
Lead Space Vehicle Designer
Sound system designed by
Video & Lighting system designed by
Stage Management
& Flight Dynamics Officer
Originally produced by
Space Vehicle Realisation
& Assembly by
Andy Wood & Neil Hardy of Q DIVISION