Mancave (2022-)

Mancave is/was an installation & one-to-one performance experience created by Core Artist Tyrrell Jones in collaboration with Rachael Abbey. Premiered at Latitude Festival 2022.

Acolytes of an identity in crisis Tyrrell Jones and his followers invite you to playfully reimagine your relationship towards Manhood. An intimate moment of connection amidst festival chaos, you are invited to enter a shrine, a confessional, a monument or perhaps a funeral pyre? Join them to dream about what men could, should, or should never be.

The ‘Mancave’ welcomes all.

Mancave is available for booking! Tyrrell is also looking for co-producing partners to develop this piece for broader contexts from disused shops to theatre foyers. For more info and availability, please contact Unlimited Core Artist Tyrrell Jones.

Created and performed by Tyrrell Jones in original collaboration with Rachel Abbey. Designed by Hannah Sibai.

Originally produced by J Spooner and Javairya Khan for Unlimited Theatre.