In Good Time (2023-)

In Good Time is/was Core Artist Jamie Fletcher’s vision for a new mid-large scale musical about the trans experience in the UK.

In Good Time is a multi-narrative trans show incorporating diverse stories from multiple generations and backgrounds, telling historical and modern day experiences of trans people (including non-binary) from across the UK. It looks to capture the success and euphoria of these lives as well as the challenges they have overcome along the way and that they face day to day.

Jamie brought together a ‘supergroup’ of the UK’s most brilliant established and emerging trans writers and creatives, working in the mode of a TV writers room to create a series of fictionalised narratives will be drawn from real experiences. Collaborators included Krishna Istha and Tabby Lamb.

The show (if made) will be multi-disciplinary in form incorporating live music, dance, video, animation and puppetry – unifying multiple stories into a cohesive whole and celebrating the breadth and diversity of what it means to be trans and from this community.

Jamie reflected on her first week in R&D for this project (supported by Sheffield Theatres).

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