We won!

We’ve been awarded the Sir Arthur Clarke Award for Achievement in Space Education & Outreach. Awarded by the Space Education Trust and the British Interplanetary Society the award has the same proportions as the monolith in 2001: A Space Odyssey and was presented to Artistic Director Jon by Britain’s only current astronaut Tim Peake.

l-r: Tim Peake, Astronaut & Unlimited Artistic Director, Jon Spooner

Which we’re, y’know… totally cool about OMG!!! WE WON THE COOLEST AWARD EVAH!!!!!!

The Sir Arthur Clarke Awards are “given in recognition of notable contributions to space exploration, particularly British achievements”. THAT’S US!!! Unlimited Trustee and old friend Ed Collier joined me for the Awards Dinner at the UK Space Conference

Ed and Jon being very proud

I really wasn’t expecting us to win – the Sir Arthur Clare Awards are the Oscars of the British Space Industry and it’s a huge privilege to have joined an amazing list of previous winners. I was particularly pleased that one of our consultant scientists, the brilliant Dr Andy Newsam of the Astrophysics Research Institute, was able to be with us too…

Dr Andy, Tim Peake and me

The award recognises our work inspiring children in space and science, particularly in this instance our production “Mission To Mars”. So this one is for EVERYONE who worked with and partnered us on that show.

So. Very. Proud.


written in consultation with Dr Gail Iles and Dr Andy Newsam
a co production with Polka Theatre

Written by Clare Duffy, Jon Spooner & Chris Thorpe
Directed by Jon Spooner
Designed by Rhys Jarman
Sound and Video Design by Mic Pool
Lighting Design by Ben Pacey
Aerial Choreography by Layla Rosa
Music by David Edwards

Dr Gail Iles: Clare Barrett
Dr Stefan Losch: Sebastien Lawson
Dr Maggie Efisom Riddick: Suzanne Ahmet
Dr Vlatko Vedral: Alex Elliott
Dr Andrew Newsam: Jon Spooner
Dr Joni Spencer: Lucy Ellinson

General Manager Emma Rees
Producer Ric Watts
Administrator Gloria Lindh
Bookkeeper Alex Smith
and Alison Andrews (maternity cover for Emma)

[vimeo 17926662]

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