UNeditions (2015)

UNeditions was a SUPER COOL research project exploring new ways of publishing scripts as an immersive, digital reading experience featuring spatial sound, light and bonus material.

Originally developed as a Digital R&D Fund for the Arts project, we created a (frankly, brilliant) prototype that provides a much richer script-reading experience for audiences than exists otherwise with the potential to create significant new income streams for artists and meaningfully contribute to increasing representation of diverse voices in the performing arts. While lots of people and investors expressed significant interest, we were never able to convert that into actual cash support to develop it further.

You can try out the beta version of that first test publication of our 2014 show The Noise here.

Unlimited was the lead organisation for the project through which we worked with a ‘Community Lab’ of 14 people to test how emerging behaviours around mobile reading devices and technologies can help the performing/live arts to create new forms of digital storytelling based on the live experience, that would (we hoped) simultaneously develop and broaden audiences for our work and facilitate artists and organisations to produce desirable, commercial products.

Led by Artistic Director (at the time) J Spooner we worked with partners Storythings (led by our long term collaborator Matt Locke) and Jon Rogers of the Product Research Studio at the University of Dundee.

Blog posts describing the project are collated here: