The Moon The Moon (2008)

Stay and let them heal you. Or go with the Moon and live.

Written by Clare Duffy, Jon Spooner and Chris Thorpe
A co-production with Curve, Leicester

A man stands on the edge, at the shoreline. He’s holding a plastic bag that steams with the Christmas dinner he’s made – even though it’s February. It’s going dark.

He thinks he’ll walk across the water to see his wife’s family – maybe ask for their forgiveness. He thinks he’s been driving, alone, for months, living in his camper van. He thinks the Moon has been following him. On some nights, he thinks they talk to each other.

And someone finds him there, tells him they can help him and they take him in. And now he’s locked in a cellar, wearing someone else’s pyjamas, and he doesn’t  know anymore if he’s been kidnapped or is being looked after. And the Moon is still with him, singing to him, desperate for him to join her.

There is no more time. You have to choose. Stay here and let them heal you. Or go with the Moon, and live…..

The Moon The Moon (2008)
Cast: Suzanne Ahmet, Helen Cassidy, Tim Chipping and Jon Spooner Directed by Jon Spooner and Elgiva Field Designed by Rhys Jarman Lighting Designer: Ben Pacey Sound Designer: Mic Pool Original Music by David Edwards Stage Management by Ellie Carter Produced by Emma Rees and Kate Bowen for Unlimited 

Content warning: suicide, self harm, miscarriage, torture, graphic violence, strong language, sex.

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