After 27 years producing new work for national and international audiences, in 2024 Unlimited Theatre embarked on a new chapter to create more opportunities for emerging and mid-career companies and artists. Our unAwards, each inspired by key moments in Unlimited’s history, aim to enable greater collaboration, experimentation and inclusive practice for artists and creatives.

We intend for our grants to be easy to apply for and with minimal reporting so artists can focus their time and energy on making art, rather than making applications.

We awarded £25,000 in Round 1 and are planning to award £30,000 in Round 2 later in 2024. Unlimited Theatre is aiming to support the next generation of theatre makers and, in our ‘retirement’, leave a lasting legacy that enables new creatives and audiences to embark on inspirational journeys that they might not otherwise have been able to.

Our funding pots are made up of remaining cash reserves and a generous donation from an existing supporter.

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You can see the full details on the three categories from Round 1 of unAwards, including applicant guidance and FAQs using the links below.