Live from The Space Shed with Professor Jacqueline McGlade

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Jacqueline is currently a professor at Gresham College, University College London and the Maasai Mara University in Kenya where she also lives having married a Maasai chief. Previously chief scientist of the United Nations environment programme and executive director of the European Environment Agency, Jacqueline is passionate about community science and natural prosperity, open data and earth observation. She is one of the most extraordinary humans I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. In this episode we chat about:

• how to get politicians and governments to “do the right thing”
• her sustainable life with the Maasai in rural Kenya
• how we can all, like the Maasai, adapt our lives to cope with the effects of climate change

and Jacqueline answers questions including:

• is climate change going to make humans extinct by 2100?
• how much rain do you get in the village where you live?
• what advice would you give to any young people wanting to get involved in fighting climate change?
• how badly will climate change affect the Earth?
• how does climate change affect plants?
• how many trees do we need to plant to stop climate change?
• should we all go vegan?
• what can we all do to get governments to ACT on climate change?

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The below images are those referred to during our chat with Jacqueline