Live from The Space Shed with Maddie Moate

The final episode of Season 1 is now live! We’ve met a lot of amazing individuals over the last couple of years and have loved sharing some of our conversations with you all. There’s still so much more to share and we’re making plans for exciting new content, so look out for Season 2 of Live from The Space Shed in 2020.

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For our final episode of Season 1, we’re on campus at the University of Warwick’s Family Day for the British Science Festival with Maddie Moate – a YouTube filmmaker, BAFTA winning presenter and the host of the BAFTA nominated CBeebies series “Do You Know?”, BBC Earth’s “Earth Unplugged”and CNBC’s technology series “The Cloud Challenge”. Maddie and Jon know each other from the CBeebies Christmas Show that Jon directs and in this episode we chat about:

• the CBeebies Christmas show
• how Maddie started out on YouTube
• why ‘Curiosity’ is so important
• Maddie’s favourite episodes of ‘Do You Know’
• her travelling adventures across the world
• Elephant poo

Maddie also does a live biscuit review and answers questions including:

• where do you live?
• how do you choose what to make episodes of Do You Know about?
• which factories are your favourites?
• do you ever get tired?
• what is your favourite book?
• what is your favourite planet?
• what is your favourite giraffe?

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Jon Spooner and Maddie Moate at the British Science Festival 2019