Live from The Space Shed with Dr Louisa Ashley

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For this episode we’re back in the Faraway Forest at Latitude Festival with poet, lawyer, international human rights activist and founding member of Unlimited Theatre Dr Louisa Ashley. In this episode Louisa and Jon chat about:
• Louisa’s ‘career journey’ from experimental theatre maker to Head of Law at Leeds Beckett University
• chocolate’s relationship to climate change
• “Ecofeminism” and what it is
• poetry and conflict resolution
• how art can help us deal with the emotional responses to climate change

Louisa also reads some of her poems and answers questions including:
• how can chocolate be good for the environment?
• what is *the* answer?
• what is going on in Yemen?
• are there any countries in the world that are shining examples for human rights?

Full transcript here

Louisa on Twitter @LouisaAshley16