Live from The Space Shed with Dr Alice Bell

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For this episode we were in The Faraway Forest at Latitude Festival with Dr Alice Bell – a climate activist and historian and the co-director of climate charity 10:10 (recently rebranded as Possible)

In this episode Alice and Jon chat about:
• the best words to describe the climate crisis/breakdown/emergency
• why keeping global heating to 1.5degrees is so important
• why it’s good to talk about how scary this all is
• what we can all do to combat climate change
• why individual (as well as collective) action is useful

and answers questions including:
• do we have to STOP flying entirely?
• will it get so hot in the UK that we will have to close schools?
• how can we reduce food waste?
• what is the most important thing that we should all do?
• is it true that LED lights are bad for you?
• is it bad for wildlife if we build solar and wind farms in fields?
• should we do meat free Mondays?
• should we eat the rich?

Full transcript here

Alice also came back later that day to DJ a ‘climate inspired’ set. Spotify playlist here: songs for a changing climate – Space Shed edit (67 minutes) and the 200 minute ‘long train journey edit’ is here

Alice on Twitter @alicebell