Live from The Space Shed with Chaitanya Kumar

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For this episode we were in London at the Great Exhibition Road Festival with Chaitanya Kumar – a climate activist and senior policy advisor for the Green Alliance and previously with – on one of the hottest days of 2019.

In this episode Chaitanya explains:

• why climate change is such a huge problem
• what the UK is doing to combat climate change
• what we as a society (rather than individuals) need to do to fight climate change
• what a positive (rather than ‘doom and gloom’) future could be like if we all act

and answers questions including:

• apart from planting trees, what else can we do to use our land better and suck carbon out of the atmosphere?
• how will we heat our homes without gas boilers?
• is it true that if we don’t fix this problem the planet will go into the thermal runaway?
• why haven’t I heard these facts before?!


Full transcript here

Chaitanya on Twitter @chaitanyakumar
Green Alliance website