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Last week we had the massive pleasure of spending a couple of days in a room with some truly brilliant and lovely people – Abbi and Helen from Rash Dash, our regular composer David Edwards and designer Rhys Jarman.

It was time for us to play together with the story we’ve plotted for a new show we’re making with Northern Stage called The Noise that we’ll be producing in autumn 2013 – “a “sci-detective thriller about sound/noise and its impact on us – physically, emotionally, psychologically”.

David brought some Wow and Flutter to the room

Rhys helped us create a storyboard

and Abbi and Helen helped us make a “Baby Penguin Dance”. Which, (un)fortunately, we don’t have any pics or video of us doing…

One of our (main?) characters is a 16 (18?) year old girl called Charlie and we were making an ‘event’ for her titled “She likes to dance to loud music”. And I asked our followers on twitter what they thought was “the most rocking song ever recorded by a woman?”. There was such a great response that I wanted to make a playlist. So here it is. Enjoy…

Clare and Chris both went straight for Kathleen Hanna and Le Tigre

and here she is with her previous band Bikini Kill

There was a lot of twitter love for Patti Smith including from @shonareppe, @Postcard_Gods and @UncannyTheatre. I particularly love her cover of The Who’s My Generation

Personal massive music crush Polly Jane Harvey also got some suggestions going from @markcreid, @Joanne_Hartley and @iamfinlay who suggested 50ft Queenie

@iamfinlay also suggested Dragon Lady by The Geraldine Fibbers which is great

@hannahnicklin sent us to Mississipi Goddam by Nina Simone

(there’s also a great film of her doing this live here, but the sound’s not great)

Hannah also pointed us to Vales

but I reckon for pure metal you have to agree that our Chris really knows his shit

the singer Runhild Gammelsæter is also a Fulbright Scholar and has a biology Phd <swoons>

Someone else who also knows their metal is the very excellent @DeanVipond who’s currently redesigning this website. Although he confused me a bit by suggested Barracuda by Heart…

…and Violet by Hole (also on @Postcard_Gods list and which I get more), but then further confused me by asserting that Total Eclipse of the Heart by Bonnie Tyler is “Towering” and that Suzi Quattro’s Devil Gate Drive is “underrated”. Dean is also responsible for introducing me to the Dirty Donnas – “Totally bad ass pop rock band”.

Going back to the old school, @jdcarter and @DMallaghan went for Janis Joplin

while @matlock brought the funk with Betty Davis’ Anti Love Song

and Annette Peacock’s Pony

which reminded me of Patti Jo’s Make Me Believe In You

which is on my list of Songs To Be Played At My Funeral. I want head-nod-shoulder-bounce grooving groove at my pyre, baby.

@rashdashtheatre love the “wild vocals” of Bjork

and think “these guys are cool”

We’ve included Amanda Palmer in a previous post like this and I was surprised by no Kate Bush being suggested. What else is missing?

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