MIXTAPE @ Forest Fringe/Mayfest with Action Hero


Chris and I are currently in Mannheim making a new version of an Unlimited classic. Chris has just emailed me the first bits of new text that he’s been inspired to write in response to rehearsals with our four wonderful German actors. They are wonderful. More on this after the weekend when we’ve worked on them. In the meantime…

A year ago I worked with the brilliant lighting designer Ben Pacey to make the first track for our MIXTAPE project. It was three and half minutes of gorgeousness that we performed at BAC to a small audience with the ‘action’ growing out of total darkness – total control over the environment and pinpoint precise lighting cues. Our friend and film director Chris Cottam filmed it and while, obviously, it’s a very different experience on film than being with it ‘live’ – I think it’s a lovely piece of work. Would love to get any responses to it…
[vimeo 3555887]

We also asked the comedian Phil Kay to choose a song and do something to it. Phil is one of my most favourite performers – utterly present with the audience and VERY funny. I mean, I’ve seen him do gigs where he’s crashed and burned spectacularly but when he’s good he’s very very good. I filmed him on my mobile phone performing his ‘track’ at the end of a gig he did in a pub in South London. And here it be…
[youtube 4krR2DjQFM8]

There have also been awesome tracks made by Stans Cafe and Third Angel.

Andy Field from Forest Fringe has been following the project from its start and we’ve been looking for ways to collaborate on making more new pieces. And now, thanks to support from Kate Yedigaroff at the brilliant MayFest, we’ve been able to invite Action Hero to complete what makes up the first side of our MIXTAPE. They’re promising it will be “VERY short VERY loud”.

So if you’re in Bristol either tonight or tomorrow (Fri 7 / Sat 8 May) then GO to the Forest Fringe Microfestival. There’s LOADS of good stuff happening there and it all deserves your support.

Right, I’m off to go and watch the local police blow up an unexploded WW2 bomb.




Very scary. It actually made me fall of my chair. Literally!! Very good. I wish i was that talented.i think that jon spooner is really really cool i almi


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