Emerge Festival….

A quick one here for the time being….

I’ll be at the Emerge Festival in Leeds tomorrow (Wednesday 22nd) at the Networking Event… for you to network with.

I’m actually preparing to go on a six week sabbatical (!) starting Thursday. Although I’m supposed to be ‘off work’, I’m actually looking forward to having a bit more time to read and think about the next year and beyond as well as being able to post a bit more stuff here.

In the meantime, I’m planning on writing something here in the next day or so about three brilliant new projects we’ve started making and/or thinking about. Hopefully you’ll think they’re as exciting as we do.

Until soon….

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I suspect this comment could get lost in a mass of cheap Viagra messages, but I’ll with baited breath to hear about new projects. Most intriguing. Gutted to have missed the WHOLE emerge festival, but enjoy your sabbatical; hope it’s enlightening!


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