Wanted in Doncaster – Engagement Practitioner for Am I Dead Yet?

Am I Dead Yet? is the new show from Unlimited Theatre inspired by research into contemporary developments in resuscitation science and made in collaboration with Emergency Care professionals.

We are re-touring the show in Autumn 2016, and as part of that tour, are investigating the role that engagement work across a range of scales (from full workshops, to informal meetings and conversations with groups and potential audience members) can support audience development, particularly in areas where audiences are less used to contemporary work.  We’re looking for an Engagement Practitioner to lead some of these activities in Doncaster in the run up to the show at Cast on Wednesday 19 October.

We’re looking for a local engagement practitioner to work with the core team at Unlimited and the local venue to deliver a number of engagement opportunities and to advocate for the show and promote it to local networks. This work should take place between September to November 2016.  We are particularly interested in engaging with hospital and ambulance trusts, and other groups related to end of life care or the science behind resuscitation, who might not usually think theatre is for them. The engagement practitioner would research, meet and host events with such local groups, to engage them in the show and its ideas.

For further information and to apply please download this pack – deadline for applications is Mon 8 August.