Unlimited Science+Art: The Podcast Episode 2

A conversation with Lucy Lane – Movement Director and founder member of Slung Low.

I spoke to Lucy during rehearsals for Slung Low’s show Flood – one of the centrepieces for Hull’s 2017 City of Culture programme. I should say that we recorded this outside (and I’m a newbie in terms of recording sound) so there’s a bit of occasional wind rumble and coat rustling that some people might find annoying – sorry! As well as talking about her work, I also wanted to talk to Lucy about her experience of being a working parent with a young child, which she has been sharing on social media for the past year.

These are the questions I asked her:


What job title do you give yourself and how do you describe the work you do?

follow up… What is the difference between “Choroeographer” and “Movement Director”


You’ve often worked with disabled performers – how did that come about?


You’ve recently become a parent and you’ve been sharing your experience of that and how it is to be a working mum on social media… how has that experience been, so far?


What is it to be human?