Tyrrell Jones

Core Artist

Tyrrell creates contemporary political theatre and work which provokes discussion and debate. He is also Artistic Director of Knaïve Theatre, and has directed all their shows to date. He also co-wrote the company’s multi-award winning play, ‘Bin Laden: The One Man Show,’ which has toured extensively, nationally and internationally since 2013, and adapted Karel Čapek’s ‘War with the Newts’ for national touring throughout 2018. For Impermanence Dance Theatre he adapted Bertolt Brecht’s ‘Baal.’ His most recent directorial projects for Knaïve Theatre include ‘Covid Lockdown Breath Machine’ by Lavinia Murray and ‘Us, (Post 23/3)’ by Kamal Kaan. As Assistant/Associate Director he has worked with Indhu Rubasingham, Chris Goode, Mark Rosenblatt, Lucian Msamati, Amy Leach, Max Webster and James Brining. He also teaches at the School of Performance and Cultural Industries, University of Leeds. Tyrrell has an MA in Politics from University of Cambridge and an MFA in Theatre Directing from Birkbeck, University of London.

As a Core Artist with Unlimited, Tyrrell will be primarily working on ‘The Breadmakers’ (working title), in collaboration with a Jordanian Dance company (Studio 8) & Jordanian Storyteller (Sally Shalabi). ‘The Breadmakers’ will be an intimate, multi-sensory theatre show that combines storytelling, dance, three-dimensional sound design and bread making to take its audience on a journey through the glutenous strands which bind us across space and time. They will explore humanity’s relationship with bread, land, food production and the origins of food inequality 12,000 years ago and ask in the context of our current climate emergency ‘can we solve food poverty today?’. He will be drawing on the rich legacy of arts – science collaborations which Unlimited have been trail blazing for so long in development of ‘The Breadmakers.’ Tyrrell will be making work at a scale he has not been able to manage before and bringing international collaborations to Leeds.

WEBSITE https://knaivetheatre.com
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