Rachael Abbey

Digital Comms Manager

Rachael is a writer, actor and Co-AD of Hull based company The Roaring Girls. She makes work which is playful, reflective and full of heart – and has a great time whilst doing so. Externally to The Roaring Girls, she has previously worked with Middle Child, Hull Truck Theatre, Hull 2017 City of Culture, John Godber Theatre Company and Silent Uproar. Most of her work is devised within The Roaring Girls, working in a very open and supportive manner to make sure that they create work that is personal but comfortable for the performers to show. Recently they have been working on the show Beach Body Ready, which was Guardian recommended and part of the British Council Late Recommendations at Edinburgh Fringe 2019. Currently they’re working on a show about menstruation and associated health conditions, working with scientists, charities and community groups to create a cabaret show.

WEBSITE https://www.rabbey.co.uk