Ali Pidsley

Core Artist

Ali is a theatre-maker from Yorkshire. He is the co-founder and co-Company Director of Barrel Organ. Barrel Organ are a touring company who use a collaborative, co-creative process to invoke change and challenge existing preconceptions of what theatre is and can be. Ali’s directing credits include NOTHING, Some People Talk About Violence & All Your Houses with Barrel Organ; Me For the World by Molly Taylor (Young Vic Taking Part); Pops by Charlie Josephine (Hightide); Antigone (New Diorama Theatre) & A Girl in School Uniform (Walks Into a Bar) (Leeds Playhouse & New Diorama Theatre) both by Lulu Razcka & Blasted by Sarah Kane (Styx). Ali is an Associate of NSDF, works with Forced Entertainment delivering participation projects, and is a Mentor Director with National Theatre Connections. Ensemble, community & platforming the voices of others is central to everything he does.

As a Core Artist with Unlimited he will be making the world a better place. He will work as a collaborator with his fellow Core Artists to find new ways of theatre being a force for positive change in the world. He will be finding new ways of engaging the people and communities of Leeds in becoming creatives in their own right, using theatre & story-telling and exchange to say to the world “I am an artist, and I have something to say”. He hopes to achieve a totally new and original exploration of what theatre and ecology can learn from each other. What can theatre-makers learn from the way the natural world works, and what can the natural world learn from collaborative theatre-making? He wants to create a project that breeds a rich & diverse woodland full of art & artists, figuratively and literally!