Protests in Leeds…

Leeds City Council have covered up and fenced off all the statues in City Square

City Square, Leeds October 30th 2009

City Square, Leeds October 30th 2009

I asked the workers wrapping them why and they told me it was because of the “anti BNP protests at the weekend”. A young couple walking behind me said “We’ll have to come down then and show our support. For the BNP. Get all them pakis kicked out”.

Turns out that this Saturday the English Defence League are holding a protest in Leeds. They claim not to be a racist organisation. Make your own mind up by having a scoot around on the web.

The protest will be overlooked by the city’s famous statue of the son of King Edward III – The Black Prince. The statue was presented to the city by  Colonel Thomas Walter Harding, Lord Mayor of Leeds between 1898-9 who believed that he symbolised the virtues of democracy and chivalry.

The Black Prince

Leeds Unite Against Fascism will be holding their own protest on the same day, to counter that of the EDL. If you wanted to, you can show your support by attending their peaceful ‘Celebrate and defend multicultural Leeds’ rally. It will be held outside the Art Gallery on Saturday 31st October at midday.

Peace and love.


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