January Newsletter

We’ve got lots of plans for 2017 and you can read all about them in our January newsletter.

There’s details in it about how to download our fabulous Astro Science Challenge app, new tour dates for Am I Dead Yet?, including 4 nights in home town Leeds at the end of March. And also a NEW SHOW called How I Hacked My Way Into Space about Jon’s journey from garden shed dreamer to actually being in space.

Further treats being developed in 2017 include:

• a collaboration with the wonderful Rash Dash called In The Future that will investigate the ethical, political and social impacts of cutting-edge biotechnology practice.
• led by Clare, And It Does Make Anybody Nervous. will involve a diverse group of artists, who will be invited to collaborate to explore the myriad possibilities and impossibilities of representation on stage.
• a collaboration with Slung Low, Look, I See You will be a promenade performance that takes place on the streets, in the shop windows and in the public squares of Leeds City Centre about many different types of love – romantic love, but also love for family, for friends, for place and for community.

2017 will also be a year of celebration as 20 years ago this month, a year after leaving Leeds University, the six founding members of Unlimited gave up their part time jobs and started working full time as Unlimited.

Welcome to the shows, we hope you can join us.