Happy Children…

Making and touring Mission To Mars was a proper wonderful experience. We’re massively proud of the show and the adventures we’ve been on with it.

Space Camp, our game for families to play will continue to pop up in the future. The level of engagement with it massively exceeded our hopes and expectations. Check out these photos of some of our recruits in Leeds who played at the West Yorkshire Playhouse…

from front to back: Fergal, Ludo and Niamh ready to play!

Three Eyed Niamh

Fergal: Future Scientist & Saviour of Planet Earth

l-r: Agent Ludo, Agent Fabian, Agent Niamh, Agent Fergal

And the “Mars: How Far Away Is It?” event in Leeds was one of the most uplifting, inspiring evenings I’ve had with one of our shows. A great reminder that the kids are alright. Better than alright. Smart, engaged, curious, unpredicatble, hilarious.

l-r: Dr Andy Newsam (astrophysicist), Joe Weiler (Radiowaves), Sarah Westaway (Artforms Leeds), Dr Gail Iles (astronaut instructor), Jon Spooner (Unlimited), Alison Andrews (Unlimited) photo by Matthew Hargreaves

Any Question About Science Answered (photo: Matthew Hargreaves)

Thanks to EVERYONE who made a lot of extraordinary things happen so brilliantly.

Right. What next?

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