Unlimited has been invited to make up part of the Arts Council England’s new National Portfolio of organisations with support for our programme of work through to 2015.

For myself, Clare and Chris (the artists who founded this company and remain at its centre) this is A Good Thing and we’d like to thank Arts Council for their trust in us to continue to do brilliant things. We absolutely couldn’t have done this without the care, love, support and hard work of all the people in our company that we’ve worked most closely with to bring us to this positive position now – Emma, Alex, Gloria, Ric, Alison and our incredibly supportive Board of Directors: Louisa, Liz, Tony, Jane, Martin and Ed.

We remain committed to and reliant on the support of a wide range of partners to make the new work that we do. Some of those people and organisations will be facing a much more uncertain future this morning than Unlimited. This morning’s announcements are just the beginning of a difficult process and before we can post or announce anything concrete about the work that we want and hope to make in the future, we have to have more conversations.

Right now, our love and thoughts are with all those other brilliant, creative, dedicated people in our sector who have had less positive news this morning. As a country and a society we are poorer today than we were before. We do not like or agree with the situation this government has put us all in. In the face of their choices though… we promise to remain as positive, challenging, naughty and as recklessly optimistic as it is possible for us to be.

Much love,