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My name’s Christie.

I’m new here at Unlimited Theatre.  I’m currently two months into a six month Fellowship as the Assistant Producer through the BBC Performing Arts Fund.

What that means is, I act as an extra pair of hands for (mainly) Ric, doing all things Producing, and I learn loads from doing it.  I also get support and advice from the company on my own project(s). It’s brilliant.

For the next month I’ll be in Edinburgh, to assist on the company’s new show Play Dough.  It’s a remix of ‘Money The Gameshow’, so if you’ve seen that, you’ll have an idea of what it’s like.  Except this show is aimed at children and their families.  It tells you all you need to know about money and the financial crisis, and provokes children to re-think what money could be.

It’s a gorgeous show, with some huge ideas.

Whilst I’m up in Edinburgh assisting with Play Dough, I’ll also be doing loads of audience feedback post show (so look out for pictures of our feedback wall, and unedited audio of the kids reactions to the show).  Of course I’ll also be seeing as many other shows as I can afford, and trying to meet and pick the brains of fellow Producers, Artists and Makers.

Throughout August, I’ll be documenting my journey and keeping you in the loop with all things Play Dough through the Unlimited Twitter account. So I look forward to meeting you at the show, or speaking to you via tweet.

Christie x


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