Starting Out

up to £2500

(a maximum of 2 awards in Round 1)

In 1998, one year after Unlimited was founded, we successfully applied for a £2,500 award from the Princes Youth Business Trust. With that money we bought two pieces of equipment that we would never have been able to afford otherwise – our first computer and a Sony digital video camera. Both these pieces of kit were fundamental to our development and used by all six of the founder artists on numerous projects for many years.

This award is for early career artists of any age working within an arts producing organisation to buy equipment that:
• clearly and significantly contributes to the development of their organisation or artistic practice
• they would not otherwise be able to afford

As examples, equipment could include:
• computer/laptop that creates additional capability for income generation or artistic practice e.g. video editing/captioning
• ergonomic equipment/furniture to ease/aid impairments
• audio recording equipment

Please only apply if you have a clear practice or business need that you can demonstrate the significant benefit of and lack of opportunity to fund from elsewhere.

Deadline to submit an application is midnight 31 January 2024. Successful awards must be spent and accounted for by 31 October 2024.

Please read our Applicant Guidance (audio version coming soon) before submitting your application. This includes our eligibility criteria and a copy of the application questions.

Applicant Guidance

Recording of the Guidance for unAwards:

Starting Out Application Form