Astro Science Challenge is extended until July 2016!

Our interactive space+science project has been so successful with more than 10,000 Cadets taking part that we’ve been awarded some additional funding from the UK Space Agency to keep the project running until July 2016!

So what does this mean?

For Agents who’ve already completed all the existing Missions, we’ve made some new badges that will be released between now and July, including a very special badge to celebrate Tim’s birthday and an opportunity to run the London Marathon with Tim! Jon Spooner and Mini Jon will be back with more videos from the Space Shed, and Mini Jon will be reporting from space!

This next phase of the project begins today as part of British Science Week and will run until the end of the Summer term in July. This is also an opportunity for you to finish any badges you didn’t get round to completing last time.

We’re hosting another Graduation Ceremony in July this time in the North of England, to celebrate the achievements of any Cadets who couldn’t make it last time, and welcome all the new Cadets who take part.

Whats changed?

Thanks to all the feedback you gave, we’ve been able to make some useful changes to the project. This time, there’s no timeframe; you can start and finish the project as you like between now and July, giving Cadets plenty of time to complete the Missions. You can also do the badges in whatever order you like. And we’ve released updated Activity Plans that you can download from our Makewaves site – just click on the “Team Leaders Resources button”.

Most excitingly, Mini Jon will be reporting from space as the first Unlimited Space Agency astronaut to escape the Earth’s atmosphere!

Recommend to a friend!

If you enjoyed the project last time (or just think it sounds cool!), it would be great if you could recommend it to a friend, a colleague, a neighbour, another teacher you know, EVERYONE! The best way to do this is by sending them to our website We also have leaflets in physical form and as an e-flyer about the project that we’d be happy to send to you – just drop Christie an email and we’ll pop some in the post.

So what next?

For the Cadets who have already completed the existing badges, keep an eye on the Makewaves site for new Missions – we’ll also let you know when they’re launching via email.

If you haven’t completed all of the Missions yet, now’s your chance. Or if you’re yet to sign up to the project, you can do so now here– registration will stay open until the project finishes in July.

Let’s all go to space!