We Keep Moving…

Sarah Webb becomes Executive Director, April 2023

One of Unlimited’s core values is “Rigour, curiosity and optimism in processes”. As we make significant changes to the company’s producing structures, we remain committed to the highest levels of personal and professional development for everyone in the Unlimited team. So, as always, we’re treating this next stage as an opportunity – for people to step up, take on responsibility and gain as much experience as possible.

Since Sarah Webb joined Unlimited four years ago, she has progressed through several roles – quickly moving beyond her original Administrator job to become General Manager and a vital part of the Senior Leadership Team. And now, as of April 2023, we’re delighted that she’ll be stepping up again to become Executive Director.

It’s an exciting move in which Sarah will co-lead the company’s transition to a new model – winding down much of the company’s producing activity in a creative and orderly way while also setting up a new grant giving structure for the Trustees to administer.

During her time with Unlimited, Sarah has taken on (and excelled at) all the roles and tasks she’s been offered. Beyond her formal job responsibilities she has worked closely with permanent staff and freelancers on all of Unlimited’s projects since starting with us – most rewardingly as Missions Operations Manager (or Space MOM for short) on UNSA’s Space Shed and The Astro Science Challenge Live which continued throughout the COVID pandemic.

She has also been working behind the scenes to make Unlimited more eco-friendly by moving web host to eco friendly domains and creating a net zero roadmap which is a call to the industry and ourselves to keep being better and looking after the earth. I know that a personal highlight for Sarah (and for me) was her leading on the reinduction of all permanent and freelance staff in November 2021, facilitating the company to have new conversations about wellbeing, safety and happiness at work that has been adopted by many other organisations in the sector.

“Unlimited operates a high trust and low blame culture, and it’s absolutely this culture that has enabled me to grow and thrive in my roles with the company. I never imagined four years ago that I would be where I am today and I’m very grateful for the support that guided me here. I’m excited to help facilitate such a big year of change and achievement for Unlimited.”

As we continue to move forwards, we’re extremely happy that this next stage of the journey will be with Sarah at the helm.